What kind of scientific research does an artist pursue?

How do we run experiments?

What do we do with the rejections, leftovers and failures accumulated on the way?

What does the process of scientific research look like? What does the scientific method consist of? Do artists use the scientific method in the lab? Do curious children use the scientific method to understand the world around them?

How do we know what we know?

Questioning the scientific method and the objectivity of science, I visit labs to find out how exactly science is being made. Like painters describe how they sees the world using paint, I describe what I see and feel using a variety of media, preferring the public to understand the world of science by becoming the scientist themselves. My favoured media are the ones scientists use themselves to communicate their findings: posters, papers, books and lectures….

The resulting work creates an alternative scientific world, making the viewer question how science is being made and how or why we believe what we believe, and how much “science” and “rational thinking” is meant to be part of our daily decision-making, whether we like it or not.

Many of my projects resolve themselves as interactive or participatory installations or events. Explore the Projects to see the various directions I pursue; Explore the Exhibitions to see documentation of past events; explore the Gallery to view specific artworks by theme.